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Internship Erica


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April 4th, 2019. I like very much the placement and the colleagues I am working with every day. The job is exactly what I was hoping it would have been, and I am forever glad to this opportunity. While I was applying, the first months, Stage USA has been very fast in responses and helpful whether I had questions or doubts.

I had only two internships offers though, and I do believe that for the amount of money we have been asked to pay it would be better to offer more than one or two options.

 Anyway, I do suggest to take part in this program for the experience and the wonderful opportunity to go to the USA and to live there for a couple of months.

 I believe that it is important to warn people that apply to the internship that they are going to pay the taxes with their salary. Apart from that, I do like the service, even though I was not helped very much with the housing. My current house is very close to the job and to downtown as well, but the landlord is a very difficult person to maintain a civil conversation with.