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Internship Kathrin


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January 22nd, 2020. The internship and the service and help of Stage-USA was excellent. Every question was answered quickly and they really tried to fullfill all wishes. Their service doesn't stop as soon as you arrive. Even during my time in the States, I was in contact with them and they informed me about everything (e.g. tips to get prepared for the hurricane) and ask for any possible concerns I might have. I couldn't have ask for a better company. My program plan was completely fullfilled and followed and they fit all responsibilities and tasks to my skills. I was able to do even more than expected. 

My host company is a warm place where everybody is welcome and everybody cares about each other. It's more than a working place. Therefore the whole staff tried to teach me as much as possible and tried to make it to a great time and took me to different places and events and show me as much as possible. They are great persons. They don't see each other like colleagues, they are friends and welcome new persons. This makes it to a great place for any internships.