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Internship Romy


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September 26th, 2018 Stage-Australia immediately gave me a few company recommendations and arranged an interview with my preferred company. I also got an interview training, but it was basically just discussing a few broad lines that I had to do or not do, which was also in the email. I expected a fast run-through. When I got accepted at the company Stage-Australia got me a Visa immediately. 

They do keep in touch with you after you have been accepted to a company to check in if you have booked a flight and have a place to stay in when you arrive. The only thing I would like to give as a recommendation is that I got a bit confused because of all the different people I was in contact with and my email is so full with emails that I sometimes missed the important emails. Since, my email doesn't detect the important emails that well, the first email always got lost in "Others" inbox folder instead of "Focus".