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August 22th, 2018 My internship went without any problems. It was a good and educational experience. I gained a lot of insights into several departments of veterinary medicine and the ways of working in the US. However, I did feel like I didn't get the chance to fully use my professional skills because they mostly teach their interns by letting them observe instead of letting them actually do practical activities. The host company was very supportive. 

Everyone I met there was very friendly and very eager to talk about their culture and habits here in the US, which was very interesting to me. The internships days were rather long, but for a short period of time, that is fine. Like I mentioned before, I would have liked it if I got a bit more hands-on work instead of observing most of the time, but I did always get the chance to ask many questions and they explained everything very well. I also feel like it would have been nice if the company would give me some feedback about how I am doing, but they don't give feedback straight to the intern. No, Stage-USA was a big help, mostly in all the planning and arranging before the actual internship started. It was nearly impossible to find a sponsoring organization for my visa application without Stage-USA, so I am very grateful for that.