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J-1 Visa Ann-Kathrin


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March 4th, 2021. After only three weeks on site in Miami, the global Covid pandemic started and I was initially very unsure of how everything would go on from there. However, both my host company as well as Stage-Global supported me at all times and ensured that the internship went as smoothly as possible despite the critical circumstances. I am very grateful for all the support, so that my year abroad turned out to be a very successful and unforgettable one - despite Covid.

My host company (especially my supervisor) ensured at all times that I was well looked after. Despite the global pandemic, I never got into financial difficulties and have learned a tremendous amount - not only professionally but also personally I have changed through this experience. My supervisor was not only a boss but also a mentor to me, which was crucial for me and my development in that year. The environment was also great, my circle of friends mainly consisted of my local colleagues, we all shared the same preferences.

I just want to thank everyone involved for the unique experience and all the support, I have received real added value for my career.