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Traineeship Ana


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February 26, 2020. I loved my traineeship so much. From the very first week I was facing great challenges and I always got good feedback from my supervisors and clients. One thing I loved is the teamwork, I got a family among my coworkers and I had a safe environment to explore my ideas and develop my projects. I never felt discouraged or like I was doing something wrong. When there was room for improvement my supervisors always treated me with respect and always looking for the best solution. Living in New York, also a dream come true, very challenging but I got to experience a rich culture exchange and all the city has to offer.

I've always said this, I think Stage USA is great and very trustworthy. They are very kind and they always answered all my questions with kindness. The process is very clean and what you see is what you get, the payment process allows people to feel safe about every step, without feeling scammed or unsafe. The only thing I wished It was better its the assistance regarding taxes and health insurance. I had a health issue at the beginning of my traineeship and it cost me so much money. Regarding the taxes they should be able to provide a better guide or J-1 visa holders, since most companies, or at least my company didn't have enough experience with this and I had to find assistance elsewhere.

I think this is a great company for interns and trainees whom are looking for an all-hands experience in the creative field. The company's supervisors are very pacient and willing to teach and share their knowledge with care, respect and love for the profession, creating a safe environment for people to grow and learn everyday.